“The most important thing Justin did was to give me the confidence to find my voice and the author within. I am truly thankful for Justin’s efforts on my behalf. He’s incredible at what he does.”

Ruth Ross

Author of Coming Alive

All books start with a seedling of an idea and then grow from there.  Conceptualization is like mapping and planning out your book.  It is the process through which we identify some very important details surrounding your book:  your purpose, your target market, your focused message, the marketing strategy behind the book, the platform, and identifying how your book interacts with the market as a whole.

During this process we will work together to lay out the concepts that will be the backbone of the entire book. Through a series of conversations and direct interviews, Justin will pull out the meaningful message that you want to project to your readers. Once the main ideas are established, Justin will teach you how to write the book by showing you the best possible methods to use when composing.

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Justin Spizman is an author, ghostwriter, and book project consultant. Justin has worked with celebrities, athletes, entertainers, and some of the most successful people in their respective industries to author and consult on their books. Read More

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