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This process is the turnkey approach to creating your book. First, you will work with Justin to conceptualize the book.  When working to conceptualize the book, Justin will first conduct a series of phone calls and direct interviews to collaboratively identify the big ideas and concepts that will eventually form the crucial message and purpose of your book. Once these big ideas are in place, Justin will collaborate with you to create an outline and table of contents to provide structure to each of the book’s chapters. After conceptualizing the purpose and idea behind your book, Justin will help you layout the chapters and create the content for the book.

After reviewing the content through direct interviews and calls, Justin will begin the writing process by sculpting the table of contents and chapter summary.  Once approved, Justin will then layout each chapter and once confirmed, begin to create the content for each chapter.  This is done through client interviews, research, and interviews with third parties.  As each chapter is created, Justin will schedule follow-up phone calls to obtain feedback to ensure the writing is consistent with the client’s expectations and goals.

Finally, after final approval, Justin will then copyedit each and every chapter to ensure the content and manuscript are flawless.  Justin will then format the book per the publishers or Authors specifications and do a final review, offering detailed feedback and making any additional changes as necessary.  Ghostwriting is the most extensive service Justin offers and is a great fit for first time Authors, busy professionals, or professional speakers who would like to adapt their presentations in book form.

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Justin Spizman is an author, ghostwriter, and book project consultant. Justin has worked with celebrities, athletes, entertainers, and some of the most successful people in their respective industries to author and consult on their books. Read More

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