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To sell your book to a major publishing house, you must have a book proposal. It is an integral piece to the birth of any book idea. A proposal is like a business plan for your perspective-publishing house and offers a glimpse into the forthcoming idea.

Often times, you only have one shot when submitting your proposal to prospective publishers, so it is important you get it right the first time. Justin is a seasoned and successful book proposal writer, and he will ensure that you are putting your best foot forward.  He has sold proposals to most every major publishing house and understands the quality required to position your book for success.

 A book proposal is comprised of several sections.  Justin will work with his clients to create an exciting and intriguing proposal with the following:

Cover-Page: The cover page is like the highlight reel for the manuscript.  It will include the title of the book, the author’s name, maybe even a sharp and representative photo of you as the author, and finally, a few bulleted highlights or selling points with which you would want to lead.  Ultimately, this is your first impression and it will appear sharp, informative, and desirable. By using colors, keywords, and valuable selling points, you will quickly engage prospective publishers.    

Snapshot of the Concept:Your book will have a unique selling point; this is your magic, sparkle, and differentiator. It separates your book from the others in any particular genre.  Your snapshot will be hyper-focused and exciting. It will emphasize the foundation for the book and paint a beautiful picture regarding the topic and its viability.  It is similar to a summary of the book, but with a whole lot more sizzle.

Proposal Contents:Publishers appreciate organization.  Including a table of contents for your proposal will offer that essential clarity. Most publishers will review hundreds if not thousands of proposals over the course of the year.  Saving them time so they can focus on the guts of your proposal will be much appreciated and beneficial to your project.

Market Research:Most books will fall into at least one, if not many, genres or markets.  Publishers will both appreciate and benefit from extensive research and knowledge regarding the competition and richness of a category. Your proposal will use market research to support your concept and demonstrate that your book will excel in an already flourishing genre.

Author Bio: Your author bio section will celebrate your success and position you to be an expert on the subject matter.  It will tell publishers who you are and why you are qualified as an author, which will ultimately help your book sell lots of copies.

Promotion of the Book: For most publishing houses, promoting and marketing the book is just as important as the quality of the finished product. If you can’t sell the book, they can’t benefit from the deal.  We will consider each and every avenue you can to promote and market your book.  Social media, philanthropic organizations, forthcoming speaking engagements, partnerships, interviews, media opportunities, endorsements, pre-sales, and all other forms of promotion will be included in this section.

Target Market: We will take the time to consider and outline your target market.  Publishers appreciate knowing for whom the book is targeted.  It allows them to better understand the opportunity, as well as determine if the market is one they would like to reach.

Table of Contents for the Book: Your proposal will include a table of contents for your forthcoming book.  We will construct clever and engaging chapter titles that are catchy and representative of the underlying message of each chapter.  These will offer your publishers and readers a glimpse into the topic while simultaneously piquing their curiosity to read on.

Chapter Summary: Perhaps one of the most important parts of any professional proposal, your chapter summary will include the chapter title along with a two to three paragraph summary of each chapter, highlighting the general and specific messages and goals each chapter will meet.

Contact Information: We will provide publishers with detailed contact information and multiple ways to get in touch.  This can include your full name, address, direct phone number, and professional email address.

Sample Chapters:  We will work together to create at least one or two sample chapters.  Once publishers make it through your extensive and detailed proposal, they will be dazzled by your writing abilities and thoughtful message.

There is no exact science to proposals.  But by choosing Justin as your proposal architect, you can be confident that you will create a detailed and informative proposal, which will improve your chances at acquiring a book deal.

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