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Securing an Agent

One of the most important decisions you will make as an author is securing representation for both you and your book concept. Most authors tell us they see enormous value in working with a professional book agent. The network, the friendships, the knowledge of the...

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Great Writers Set Goals

To write a nonfiction book, it's crucial to set achievable goals and create workable plans to achieve them. Unless you're into experimentation or just want to meander along for the ride, you need a road map; you need to know where you're going. You must be clear about...

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Successful Writing Comes with a Plan

Many would-be writers start their books impulsively and haphazardly, which seldom works. When they get good ideas and inspirations, they rush to get them down. Frequently, they don't think about how they should proceed and just feel that the strength of their ideas,...

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Justin Spizman is an author, ghostwriter, and book project consultant. He's worked with celebrities, athletes, entertainers, and some of the most successful people in their respective industries to author and consult on their books.

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