“Justin and I worked together on the book proposal for my latest book in the self-help and motivational category.  His insight and ability to put the book together was very helpful.  We worked closely together and met several times to get the content on paper.   I enjoyed working with him and found him to be easy to talk to, and  dedicated to writing a great book.  Since I am a boxer first and not a professional writer, it was great having a true professional come in and work to help me tell my story.  I would recommend Justin to anyone who has a great story to tell and needs help bringing it to life.  He is a real knock out of a writer.”

Evander Holyfield

Five-time Heavyweight Champion of the World; Author of Becoming Holyfield: a Fighter’s Journey

“I am deeply grateful to Justin Spizman who helped me to conceptualize, layout, and create my first book, We Rise.  As a first time author, it was essential to have his experience and guidance throughout the entire process. He was responsive, engaged, and worked with my busy travel schedule to get We Rise done. We worked under a crazy timeframe, but feel confident that the final product will inspire many to step up as leaders to protect the Earth on behalf of future generations that will inherit it.  I would happily recommend him to anyone thinking about or starting a book project.”

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Indigenous Climate Activist, Hip-Hop Artist and Powerful Voice at the Forefront of an Environmental Movement


“I had a pleasure working with Justin. From the very beginning he laid out a realistic and thorough plan of action in order for us to write the book that I envisioned. He was timely and creative, and also brought a sense of comfort with his expertise in all aspects of creating and publishing a book. More than anything, Justin was personable and a joy to collaborate with. I couldn’t be more proud of the final product and appreciate the attention and effort he showed Hometown Victory.”  

Coach Keanon Lowe

Former NFL Football Coach and Author of Hometown Victory

“As a seventeen year-old girl, my biggest concern during the search for an experienced author to work with was finding someone who was going to be able to capture my personality on paper. Justin truly makes his clients such a huge part of the process and puts so much effort into finding the perfect way to convey your message in your voice. He was a wonderful asset to our team and I am so happy with the finished product!”

Savannah Maddison

CEO of Savannah's Soldiers, Recording Artist, Motivational Speaker and Author of A Bridge From Here to There

“Rodale recently hired Justin to work on a high profile project with an extremely tight deadline.  He jumped right in, and worked closely with the Author to co-author a tremendous book.  He met deadlines, communicated extremely well with both the Author and Publisher, and delivered a wonderful manuscript that was ready for publication.  I was very impressed with his work ethic, writing, and management of the project and all of its moving pieces.”

Jennifer Levesque

Editorial Director at Disney Publishing Worldwide

“We all have thoughts, ideas, opinions, experiences and stories tucked away in our minds.  It was Justin Spizman that helped “draw the map” and guide the way.  Justin had heard my story, seen my resume, and envisioned a book.  He encouraged me from the start and helped build the blueprint that kept me on track throughout the process.  He laid out a clear picture in pursuit of a publisher and it landed McGraw-Hill.  He put forth a plan to keep us on schedule and produced a manuscript a month ahead of our deadline. His understanding of the business and calm approach made it very easy for me to turn my thoughts and ideas into words that expressed a clear understanding of the components of team building.I would highly recommend and endorse Justin to help write your own story; whether as a first time author or best seller.  From my own experience you’ll be very pleased with both the final product and the process to get you there.”

Ted Sundquist

Former NFL Executive and General Manager of The Denver Broncos; Author of Taking Your Team to the Top: How to build and manage great teams like the pros

“Justin Spizman is a fantastic ghostwriter and content editor.  I refer many of my Authors to him and they all rave about his talent and ability.  He is dedicated to the collaborative process and ensures the end product is a great one.  There are many ghostwriters and editors out there, but few offer the dedication and attention to detail that Justin does.  I can confidently recommend Justin and his services to any Author in need of a best-selling and award winning talent.”

Rick Frishman

Best Selling Author, Publisher and Speaker

“Justin has a gift to understand others well and portray their voice in writing. He is disciplined, diligent and delivers – consistently. Justin’s professional nature ensures projects stay on task all the while making it enjoyable for the author. He is the designer, architect, builder all wrapped in one. Working with Justin was a true pleasure as he was always available, and ready to meet the of the demands of my busy schedule. He pushed me to create the best book possible and collaborating with him was fluid, consistent, and easy. I look forward to working with Justin on future projects and know that any project he works on will culminate in a fantastic end result.”

Molly Fletcher

Co-Author, Sports Agent, Executive, and Business Speaker

“It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Justin on a number of writing projects and new books. Justin exemplifies the key attributes of a successful writer: an inquiring and engaging mind, a creative attitude and ability to ‘connect the dots’ with his writing, a great collaborative and learning spirit, and a highly motivated work ethic that helps everyone meet demanding deadlines and publishing pressures. Justin knows what it takes to create a highly marketable book in this crowded and noisy marketplace and fully devotes himself to making his writing projects illuminating, informative and entertaining. I always welcome hearing from Justin about his ideas and collaborations and look forward to working together with him and his clients in the future.”

John Willig

Literary Agent

“I highly recommend Justin Spizman to all of my clients.  He’s talented, conscientious, and delivers in only the most professional manner.  If you are looking for someone who brilliantly can capture your “voice” in words, Justin is the best solution you’ll find anywhere…period!”

Peggy McColl

New York Times Best-Selling Author

To put in the simplest terms possible: Justin Spizman delivers. For almost a year, I sent countless book proposals to different agents to no avail. Not only was there no interest, I rarely received a reply.  After hiring Justin, I had obtained representation within three weeks. A few months later, with the agent’s help, and Justin’s help on my proposal, I landed a book deal with a highly respected publisher. I couldn’t have asked for a better result.

Fred Segal

Sports Journalist and Author of Freezing Close Takes

“It was an honor and a pleasure to work with Justin Spizman on his book Don’t Give Up…Don’t Ever Give Up. He is an exceptional writer with a gift for locating the emotional core of a piece and communicating that to his readers. He hit every deadline while creating a cooperative and productive environment around creating the book. In addition, he is passionate about his work, which shows both in his writing and his strong efforts to promote and publicize his projects.”

Peter Lynch

Former Editorial Manager, Sourcebooks, Inc.

“Justin Spizman helped frame up the chapters in my newest book, Women’s Quick Facts. He was easy to work with, understood our message, and then worked to creativity execute a writing plan to help elevate the quality of our project.  He was timely, hard-working, and met extremely tight deadlines.  I would work with him again and recommend his services to those looking for a professional writer.”

Edie Fraser

CEO of STEMconnector® and its Million Women Mentor(MWM) Initiative and Author of Women's Quick Facts: Compelling Data On Why Women Matter

“Justin Spizman is the writer’s writer. We all have a book inside us. Just meet with Justin and he will find it, and write it. His ability to capture your voice and heart, will then sell it!’

Joey Reiman

CEO of BrightHouse, LLC; Author and Professor at Goizueta Business School, Emory University

“Justin is not only a terrific writer who knows how to effectively communicate a powerful message, he is a ‘stand-up’ guy who cares about getting the facts, and getting them right. He is a pleasure to work with.”

Bob Burg

Award Bestselling Author of The Go-Giver, Endless Referrals and It’s Not About You

“I have had the pleasure to see Justin Spizman’s talent up close. He took a rough but compelling story and converted it into a tight, well-told and even more compelling story. Justin is a true professional, easy to work with, and dedicates his time to his craft in order to help his clients build something with great meaning.  I would recommend his services and writing talents to anyone in need of a professional writer.”

Dale Cardwell, TrustDale

Emmy Award Winning Journalist, TV and Radio Host

“Justin Spizman helped me edit my book while making sure that I emphasized the main points in a clear fashion.  When I needed additional editing prior to final manuscript approval, Justin followed-up and completed the task in a helpful manner.”

Bill Handwerker

Author of Nathan's Famous: 100 Years Legacy & Lessons

“As a first-time author, I can’t imagine my book getting finished without working with Justin.  His knowledge and expertise kept my project on track and gave me the accountability to be disciplined in my writing.  He is extremely professional and timely in all accounts and as a bonus, the entire process was fun!  Everyone has a book in them, and I believe Justin is especially gifted to help bring our ideas out to the world.

Marilyn Adams

San Antonio Spur's Director of Rehabilitation and Author of Posture in the Real World

“I hired Justin to help me conceptualize and create my first book on scaling and building business. In a world unfamiliar to me, Justin was remarkably helpful and understanding of my ideas.  We worked closely together to craft a thoughtful and impactful journey for my readers, walking them through the undeniable steps it takes to double your business every single year.  I have sold billions of dollars of property over the course of my career, but writing books is not like selling homes. I am thankful I had Justin with me along the way.” 

Bonneau Ansley

Billion Dollar Real Estate Agent, Founder of Ansley Atlanta and Author of Double Up Success: Accelerating Growth in a World of Incremental Change

“As a fellow lawyer in the community, Justin was the perfect fit to help me lay out and then edit my book on handling Dog Bite cases.  As an expert looking to educate other lawyers while building my own platform as one of the leading attorney’s in representing citizens injured in dog attacks, this book is a labor of love that I know will serve the legal community well. Together, we have created a book that will help lawyers overcome the challenges of dog bite cases and recover for injured Plaintiffs.” 

David Zagoria

Dog Bite Attorney and Author of A Plaintiff Attorney’s Guide to Successfully Winning Dog Bite Cases

“I would highly recommend working with Justin. When I first met Justin at an Author seminar, I only had the vague idea that I wanted to write a book and no real direction on how to do so. Justin gave me the direction and the tools to help turn my thoughts and writings into an actual book. Writing a book is an art and Justin is a very talented artist. Everyone has great ideas in my experience, but sometimes we need a professional like Justin to actually execute them.  I’m certain my book would have remained unfinished today if not for Justin’s coaching and his commitment to making me stay accountable for my writing deadlines. Writing a book is like any worthy task, it takes a lot of work and dedication. As a first-time author I can’t overstate the importance of having someone like Justin in your ring.”

Kenton Geer

Commercial Fisherman and Author of Vicious Cycle: Whiskey, Women and Water

“I found tremendous value in the services provided by Justin Spizman on my first self-published book. The copyediting and proofreading was flawless. The developmental editing and coaching was invaluable. He has a gift for bringing out the stories within us and helping to shape them into a winning narrative that resonates with readers. I would not hesitate to partner with Justin again.”

Engelina Jaspers

Author of Marketing Flexology: How to Outsmart Change and Future-proof Your Career

“Working with Justin was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. He certainly helped me grow my craft as an author. His questions challenged me and inspired me to reach deep within. Justin was passionate about helping me convey my message to the world in a way that was authentically me. He pays attention to detail, is a wonderful communicator, and exudes the knowledge, insight, and forward thinking ability necessary to help others achieve their desired result. Justin brought my book to life and I am forever grateful for his guidance.”

Wendy Ditta

Author of The More I Learn The More I Love: Discovering the True Beauty of Life by Reconnecting to Self Through Love, Light and Laughter

I strongly recommend Justin Spizman. Frankly, it’s because of Justin Spizman that I even have a book, and most definitely a solid book. Justin guided me on the structure of the book that best brought out my intentions. He provided great editorial feedback including an incredible line-editing when it was ready. As an added benefit, I have learned that Justin has a very solid reputation in the publishing industry. I received direct feedback like, “I knew if Justin was involved, I was going to get a very clean book.” Every one of the publishers I reached out to knew Justin and shared very positive feedback with me. I couldn’t be happier. I would definitely work with Justin on my next book and would refer anyone writing a book to Justin at any time.” 

Bob Taylor

Veteran and Author of From Service to Success

“Working with Justin gave my content the structure needed to be clear and accessible for readers.  His no nonsense style kept me on task to complete the book. Well worth the investment!”

Marcy Strauss-Axelrod

Author of On Your Game: Success in a World Designed to Knock You Off Your Game

As a first time author, I needed guidance in every category of writing.  I was so fortunate to be referred to Justin Spizman who quickly started me on a disciplined and constructive path.  Justin assured me that I had a unique and compelling story to tell, and helped me organize my time, thoughts and efforts to achieve my goal. He was always available when I needed additional support.  Justin was a great coach, and a gentle editor.  I never doubted or regretted any of his recommendations.

S. Perry Brickman, DDS

Retired Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Recipient of Emory University’s Maker of History Award and the 2016 Emory Medal and Author of Extracted: Unmasking Rampant Antisemitism in America's Dental Schools

“As successful songwriters, we thought we could just sit down and write a book. We understood how to write a compelling narrative. What could be difficult? The short answer is EVERYTHING is difficult if you want to write a GOOD book. We worked on it for a year before we found Justin. We realized we weren’t asking the right questions of ourselves and having Justin guide us through the important steps of writing for our intended audience made all the difference. He brought a priceless perspective and proven process that allowed us to focus our writing in a way that delivered the big ideas and takeaways we wanted to provide. He kept us on track with specific assignments and detailed feedback that allowed us to meet our goals. Best decision and smartest investment we ever made.”

Brant Menswar & Jim Trick

Authors of Rock ’N’ Roll With It: Overcoming the Challenge of Change

“Justin did an excellent job of managing the editorial process of a complex book. We essentially had four books in one, and he helped us think through how to structure it in the most effective way possible, bringing discipline to the editorial process. His questions and suggestions helped clarify and refine our message, and his contribution certainly helped produce a better organized and better structured work—and most importantly, a work that was more likely to resonate with the audiences it was targeting. His contribution is much appreciated.”

Denise Cortese, M.D.

Foundation Professor Arizona State University; Director of Health Care Delivery and Policy Program; Emeritus President and CEO of Mayo Clinic; Author of Rescuing Healthcare – A Leadership Prescription to Make Healthcare What We All Want It to Be

“I had the fortune of meeting Justin a few years ago at a writer’s conference. He impressed me with his knowledge of the writing and publishing processes, as well as his communication skills. I hired Justin to edit my first full book – he did not disappoint! Justin demonstrated his knowledge by not only editing the book for errors, but also helped change the structure of the content so that it would be more effective. He is a true professional and I will be working with him again.”

Ed DeCosta

Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Author of Ascend

“Justin Spizman collaborated with me to architect my book entitled Destination Success.  We worked together from the beginning, and his process is an extremely thoughtful and organized one. He helped to bring my book to life, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.  Without hesitation, I would recommend Justin and his services to anyone out there on the cusp of writing a book. I have worked with book editors in the past, but it was really hard to make them understand exactly what I wanted. Justin got it right the first time. This not only saved lot of my time and energy, but I was able to complete the book quickly and exactly the way I wanted.”

Sri Gaddam

CEO and Author of Destination Success

“Justin made my manuscript more readable, organized, and accessible. His work greatly enhanced the final product. He was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. I will use him again for my next book.”

Dr. Michael McGee

Psychiatrist and Author of The Joy of Recovery

“Justin’s work on my book Calling Up has been essential to me creating my best work possible. I would not have the confidence I have today in my book if it wasn’t for his support, feedback, and edits. He helped me transform my book from a good book to a great book and I look forward to working with him in the future!”

J.P. Nerbun

Motivational Speaker and Author of Calling Up: Discovering Your Journey to Transformational Leadership

“Justin helped me take what was in my heart and soul and put it into book form. I have always had a dream of writing a book, but I didn’t even know where to begin. Justin created the path for me, and then challenged me to bring out a new level of writing along the way. Because of Justin, not only did I write the book of my dreams, but I became a better writer in the process.”

Christen Shefchunas

Olympic Swim Coach and Author of Naked Confidence

“I believe an author needs to tell their story.  Many authors struggle to come up with content. I had exactly the opposite problem. I had tons of content but it was disorganized and felt overwhelming.  I was afraid I could not portray my message clearly.  Justin helped me conceptualize my latest book to put my thoughts into a logical system to make the book flow.  After I wrote Bridging Medicine and Miracles, he did the complete edit.  I could not be happier with the outcome. Justin is easy to work with, professional, and always honored his deadlines and commitments.  I highly recommend him.Justin helped me take what was in my heart and soul and put it into book form. I have always had a dream of writing a book, but I didn’t even know where to begin.”

Susan Jeffrey Busen

International Bestselling Author, Speaker, Investigative Health Coach

“I want to thank Justin Spizman for his exhaustive work editing the 40 Unbreakable Laws of Money.”  It was a pleasure working with him perfecting each chapter throughout the many months of the editing process.  His talents preparing the book for the final submission to my publisher was critical in the debut time of the book.”

Wayne Wakefield

Financial Expert and Author of 40 Unbreakable Laws of Money: Laws for Business, Success and Life

“Justin is a dream mentor and editor for both the seasoned writer and the novice!  My co-author and I started this journey as two TV news anchors who wanted to write a book but knew very little about the process.  Justin patiently guided us through the process and was spot-on about what publishers wanted in a proposal. We tackled a subject matter that would send most men running but Justin didn’t skip a beat.  I think his involvement in Where the Bleep Is the Stork?  shows his incredible diversity as an editor and professional.  He’s been called the guy’s guy author, but it turns out he is also the girl’s guy editor!  Any writer would be in great hands working alongside this best-selling author.”

Kim Fettig-Bartlett

Television Anchor, Media Personality, and Author of Where the *#@! Is The Stork?

“It’s been about 45 days since you put your magic touch to my book and I can clearly say your work made the difference that made the difference. Working with you was a dream come true because I had a vision of what was possible but did not know how to get there. I sent you my manuscript and you got to work immediately. Every week I could count on you to do what you said you would do. Your editing talent and ability to take my insights and communicate them in a way that was easy to understand and enjoy was pivotal to the success of the book. Justin-thank you from the bottom of my heart for pouring your beautiful heart into my book. The Willing Warrior: Unleashing The Secret Power of Kokoro is already selling well above my wildest imagination. Thank you again.”

Joe Stumpf

Author of The Willing Warrior and Founder of By Referral Only

There is so much more to writing a book than simply putting words on paper. I don’t think that my lawyer marketing book ever would have been completed without Justin’s encouragement, editorial guidance, text editing and help with choosing a publisher. I recommend him without reservations to all aspiring authors.”

Jonathan Ginsberg

Attorney and Author of Effective Video Marketing for the Small and Mid-Sized Law Firm

“Justin was so much more than an editor. He is a source of positive encouragement, creative ideas, and strong resources- all of which have truly kept me going through this writing process. On top of that, he communicated regularly throughout the engagement, and continues to provide me with the support that I need. With Justin’s expertise, I was able to construct a book proposal that I’m proud of. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else.”

Ashley Hannani

Cardiovascular Sonographer and Author of The Untold

“Justin is a guy’s guy in all the best ways – and this is coming from the feminine perspective!  When you’re working intensely together, lively banter keeps up morale and reminds us we’re on the same team.  He takes the same approach to writing projects as I do with my executive consulting and coaching clients – a collaboration based on mutual respect and an unwavering dedication to achieving the goal.  His style is straightforward, reflective, decisive and precise – exactly the traits a writer seeks in an editor and consultant when reaching for the highest levels of clarity and expression.

Although he is superb at sifting through options to determine the best strategy, Justin digs in and maintains a disciplined schedule – he knows and demonstrates that it’s the only way to sustain focus.  He has an exceptional ability to explore different modes of working together, and can deftly shift from one to another to maintain momentum.  Whether brainstorming together, or editing independently, he keeps the ball moving forward, but knows whent to stop and make sure it’s moving in the right direction.”

Stefanie Smith

Executive Consultant and Coach, Author of The Power of Professional Presence: Get their Attention and Keep It

“Justin Spizman was instrumental and a critical key component in helping me get my book completed. Before I had the pleasure of meeting him, I was struggling to get my manuscript completed to hand over to my publisher.  Justin came very highly recommended and I was thrilled to have him on my team.  Justin immediately took the reins and went above and beyond with his amazing eye for detail and profound input. He helped develop a more robust and impeccable manuscript. Justin is the utmost professional, fast, reliable, an excellent communicator, and an absolute dream to work with. If you want exceptional talent, Justin Spizman is definitely your go-to guy.”

Siobhan McKenna

Sr. Principal Systems Engineer, Author of Imagineering Your Life

“Justin makes the dream of writing a book that matters a pleasure.  Getting another to understand and present your unbridled passion is not easy. Finding Justin was just what the doctor ordered. No ego, totally professional, creative and above all committed. Worth every penny.”

Rachel Edlich

President, Radical Skincare; Author of Get Radical

“Justin knows the business, knows how to get things done and knows how to create what publishers want… He’s talented, direct and won’t waste your time.”

Lynn Carson Stone

Television Anchor, Media Personality, and Author of Where the *#@! Is The Stork

“No doubt, Justin Spizman has a way with words – the kind of words and direction I desperately needed.  After being connected through a mutual author friend, I immediately realized Justin’s talent in both writing and editing and fearlessly committed to partnering with him on my first book.  His passion for the written word, keen editing eye, and willingness to provide direct feedback were the exact characteristics I needed in an Editor.  His process was a perfect match for my personal style, allowing me to stay true to my vernacular, yet challenge my thinking when he disagreed on direction or just to offer up an alternative.  I can honestly say that Justin Spizman made me a better writer.  He’s a total rock star!”

Jim Knight

Speaker, Cultural Catalyst; Author of Culture that Rocks

“Justin Spizman is a talented writer and extraordinarily creative.  His collaborative style is patient and strives for Radical results with effortless perfection. Justin mirrors the soul of those that he chooses to work with, enabling their light to shine brighter.”

Liz Edlich

CEO, Radical Skincare; Author of Get Radical

“One of the most important things I did to turn my dream or writing my book into a reality was hire Justin. He did what I had been trying to do for years. He focused and structured all my creative ideas into a wonderful proposal that fits me perfectly. He quieted my fears about “losing my voice” and worked with me to get the job done and that is priceless. Doing it on my own was not getting it done. Thank goodness I had the good sense to hire him! ”

Meredith Thomas

Actress, Comedian, Author of The Meredith Method

“Justin Spizman edited the 2nd Edition of Networking Magic; his work was fast and effective. He was always very responsive and addressing whatever questions I had, and made sure it was in my voice . I appreciate the work he did and would highly recommend him.”

Jill Lublin

Speaker, Publicity Expert and Author of Networking Magic

I am pleased to endorse Justin Spizman for the position of ghostwriter extraordinaire for my first non-fiction project, Million Dollar Soup. Justin’s enthusiasm, professionalism and quality of workmanship is unsurpassed. I look forward to working with this talented author in the very near future and am extremely grateful for his friendship and kindness throughout our time together working on this project. A heartfelt thank you, Justin.” 

Janet-Lynn Morrison

Author of Million Dollar Soup

“How many of us have a dream to write a book but never actually believe we can write it? How many of us started writing that first book only to hide it from others and not believe in it ourselves because we know it just wasn’t good enough?  That was most definitely the situation I found myself in when I had the good fortune to meet Justin.  I knew I had a good idea and a healthy dose of passion about the subject. What I didn’t have was confidence in myself to write the book.

The most important thing Justin did was to give me the confidence to find my voice and the author within.  He quickly figured out exactly what I needed in terms of structure and support which made the book project less daunting and more doable for me. We kicked off the project the day before Thanksgiving and a little over three months later, with his guidance, I had completed a book that I am so proud of.  I am truly thankful for Justin’s efforts on my behalf. He’s incredible at what he does.”

Ruth Ross

Expert on Engagement and Author of Coming Alive: The Journey to Reengage Your Life and Career

“Writing a book was on my bucket list for some time. I attempted, on numerous occasions, to start. However, I never really got into the groove. When I made the decision to take massive action, I found Justin. He calls himself the ‘Book Architect’, and he lives us to his name. Justin kept me on task, focused and most all, he encouraged me to tell my story in my own words. I know for a fact that I would not be publishing without the help and guidance from Justin.  If you are thinking about writing your book, the first call you should make is to Justin.

Robert Swymer

Executive and Author of Finding Your Destiny and Life Purpose Through Adversity

“The world is hungry for the Truth…or more accurately, a Truthful Person and his First Cousin Honesty. Let me introduce you to Truth’s First Cousin, Justin Spizman.  Justin Spizman is honest. His good character manifests itself with genuine reliability, surrounded by the truth, and processed with clarified instructions. In my overwhelming inadequacy and effort to get a simple 62 page eBook edited and up on Kindle, Justin swam by. I met many fish along the way who baited me with truth and caught me in their net of personal gain. But it was Justin who said exactly what he would do, when he would complete it and he delivered. There are many attorneys in this world but Justin is one of the few.”

Greta Kay

Author of Peril at Penawawa Creek

“Justin’s work literally brought tears to my eyes. It was an amazing journey together, and I am thankful for his edits and feedback. He helped me bring a beautiful story to life and share magical moments with the world. Without him, the magic would have just remained in my mind.”

Gina Kloes

Author, International Speaker, and Success Coach

“Rarely is one able to find someone that does exactly what they say they will do and within the timeframe agreed upon. Justin Spizman did exactly that as editor of my book, The Insider’s Guide To Las Vegas. The editing period was grueling for both of us, but we were able to meet the book distributors deadline. The manuscript had many rough edges and Justin’s editing process was superb. The completed manuscript exceeded expectations. It was a pleasure working with Justin during the entire editing process. I am looking forward to our next project.”

Titus Nelson

Author of The Insider’s Guide To Las Vegas

“My book would not be what it is without the incredible guidance and support of Justin, book architect par excellence. He quickly understood me and what was important for me to say and helped me to convey my message effectively in a way that would be accessible to the reader. He challenged my thinking during every step of the process, pushing me to express myself fully and openly. Justin is an outstanding partner and collaborator who helped make the experience of writing my first book so enjoyable that I can’t wait to do it again.”

Cheryl Ellis

Author of Becoming Deliberate: Changing the Game of Leadership From the Inside Out

“Thank you Justin for your help getting my book finished. I could not have done it without you. Your turnaround time was quick, so I never missed a deadline. I appreciate your input regarding content and placement of chapters in my book. You were truly a pleasure to work with and I wholeheartedly recommend your services to any author. Keep up the outstanding work.”

Dr. Jack Wolfson

Author of The Paleo Cardiologist

“Justin Spizman is a gifted writer who proved to be extremely easy to work with. His critical eye and positive attitude helped to improve and elevate the overall quality of my first book. He is willing to do whatever it takes to create a successful book, and ensured that I crossed the finish line with a book of which I can be proud. I found Justin to be a caring partner throughout the writing process, and an all round A Player. I would highly recommend Justin and his talents to any professional in need of assistance in architecting a fantastic book.”

Rick Crossland

A Player Coach and Author of The A Player: The Definitive Playbook and Guide for Employees and Leaders Who Want to Play and Perform at the Highest Level

“Justin Spizman is the complete package; a one stop shop for new and experienced authors looking to get their books completed. With his unique way of pulling creative content from the author and structuring it in a format best suitable for the audience, Justin ensures your story is written and packaged in a manner that guarantees success. The process you experience with Justin will bring out the best of you and be reflected in your book. I HIGHLY recommend and endorse Justin to help create your masterpiece.”

Rodney Flowers

Speaker and Best-Selling Author of GET UP! I Can’t. I Will. I Did. Here’s How…

“Justin Spizman is a first-class, master book-architect.  From conceptualization to writing to production, Justin will expertly guide you through the process of bringing a book to life.  His technical depth and breadth of knowledge of what it takes to create a book along with his extremely professional style make the process a pleasure.”

Tina Chadda

Author of The Heart that Heals Itself

“Writing this book is one of my most challenging major accomplishments and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Justin’s help.  Justin is not only a prolific business editor, he is also an inspirational book coach. He helped me with the usual editing work but most importantly, he was my coach & partner throughout our writing process. Our partnership enlightened me through this journey of discovering my writing voice, which ultimately motivated me to look forward to writing until this book is completed.  Thank you Justin.”

Liza Sichon

The Art of Human Resources: An Insider's Guide to Influencing Your Culture

“Working with Justin was easy and enjoyable. Being a first time author, I was anxious about working with an experienced author and editor. Justin was very clear on what could be expected and what the time line was. He pushed me to think outside of my comfort zone and add the ‘why’ to my content (which was much needed). When I received the edits, I thought to myself, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I would highly recommend Justin to anyone who wants to make their book better and ready for publishing. I appreciate the encouraging words he had about my writing style and I hope that I get the chance to work with him again.”

Julie Ann Wood

Chief Cultivator, Eseedling, and author of More than a Lemonade Stand

“Justin was a pleasure to work with.  He made all of his deadlines even with his wife giving birth during our engagement.  I highly recommend working with him!”


Cary Carbonaro

Private Wealth Consultant and Award-Winning Author of The Money Queen's Guide For Women Who Want to Build Wealth and Banish Fear

“Originally, decades ago, I asked a best selling well known author to write my story.  She never received my letter and I let the project go.  I didn’t know how my story would be told, but I knew that it would be a wonderful closure for me if my successes were shared in a book.  I would love to feel that I was helping others with sharing the pain that I had survived.  I was excited when Justin Spizman said “yes” to ghostwriting/editing my story.  He enhanced what I wrote and when I read Exit Stage Left, the story was still very much in my own words.  The  topics that I wrote about would not be easy to shine a beautiful light on, but Justin did it.  Thank you, Justin.  I highly recommend the wonderful way you brought my story into a publishable form.”

Tilly Dunn

Author of Exit Stage Left

“It was a pleasure to work with Justin on my successful book, The Common Thread of Overcoming Adversity and Living Your Dreams.  He helped to develop the content, enhance the interviews, and then tie everything together and package it.  As he worked through the content, it was clear Justin cared deeply for the overall success of the book and worked hard to take feedback and direction.  I would recommend Justin to anyone in need of a strong developmental editor to get their book to the finish line in no time.” 

Jerry Gladstone

Best-Selling Author of The Common Thread of Overcoming Adversity and Living Your Dreams

“Justin Spizman is the absolute best editor/ghostwriter. I worked with Justin on my first book and was so very happy and thankful for his constant source of great creative ideas and helpful suggestions for this book, and his ability to teach me how to be a storyteller by putting my thoughts and experiences into words. I strongly recommend working with Justin. You will definitely be a happy writer!” 
Phil Ferrero

Global Chief Information Security Officer and Author of Cyber Security: Everything an Executive Needs to Know

” I hear other authors grip about the process of writing a book and don’t get it. I worked with Justin on “Never Kick a Cow Chip on a Hot Day—Real Lessons for Real CEOs and Those Who Want to Be” and had a blast! I ended up with a great product, and had a fun and professional relationship with Justin. He is collaborative, instructional and insightful. He allowed my message to get across while making sure that I didn’t run off the rails. I’d would recommend him to first—time as well as seasoned authors who want someone to act as a supportive partner.” .”

Todd Ordal

Consultant and Author of Never Kick a Cow Chip on a Hot Day—Real Lessons for Real CEOs and Those Who Want to Be

It’s rare that you come across stand out talent like Justin!   He is extremely passionate about his work, fully engaged, professional, and thorough.  Justin took the time to get to know us, fully understand our vision and truly created an environment of full collaboration.  It was amazing how Justin could take our ideas and concepts and architect them into a cohesive, fluid, and entertaining framework for the reader.   Every successful book requires a great architect and Justin sets the standard for excellence.”.”

Dennis and Karen Stemmle

Best-Selling Authors and Internet Entrepreneurs

When I decided to write my first book, I knew I was going to need an expert to help me get it done. As I began to ask people throughout the industry who had the expertise and patience to coach a new author such as myself, one name kept coming up–Justin Spizman. From our very first conversation, I knew Justin was a great fit. Not only did he help me take my idea and form it into the outline for a book, but he also coached me through every chapter while offering feedback on every word. From that point on, I knew I was in good hands. Justin was as determined as I was to create a book we both would be proud of. If you are looking to turn your book idea into a reality, then Justin Spizman is the expert you need to talk to.” 

James Mirabal

Author and Successful Real-Estate Agent

“We are first time authors and had no idea where to turn for help with our manuscript. Our publisher suggested three editors to us and that’s how we found Justin. We were very fortunate in that.  The editing process was not easy for us. Our medium was satire and our subject matter was challenging. We had a unique style and it took some time for us to get on the same page with Justin. But he pulled his weight and more during the process.  So here’s what we can say about our experience. First, Justin was relentlessly engaged in making our manuscript excellent. He brought great expertise to the process and listened and responded to every issue we raised. He was excellent and timely in all his communication and work. He helped us see what an author is too close to their words to see.  The bottom line is that our manuscript went through a very valuable transformation and we are very pleased with the final product. Thank you Justin for helping two neophytes through the critical process of editing. We are so grateful for your work.”

Alla Campanella and Ken Massey

Authors of The Skeleton Code: A Satirical Guide to Secret Keeping

“Justin was more than a book architect for me. He was my advocate, mentor, coach, and friend. It was one of those situations where I was skeptical to start, and then had one of those ah ha moments in the midst of it thinking – what would I be doing without him! Justin was always patient and understanding, mixed with just the right amount of tough love and reality checks. I watched my manuscript become completely transformed throughout this process, and I believe the final product is beyond anything I could have done on my own. He combines a stellar work ethic with personal attention, and I recommend him to anyone who wants above average, exceptional results.” 

Kerry Hemms

Teacher and Author of Teacher's Field Guide

“I am so thankful that I hired Justin as the Content Editor for my book The Power of Things Unseen. He was amazing and this is why.  One day I just sat down and started writing. I had no real plan for my book. In fact I did not even realize I was writing a book in the beginning. It sort of happened. It just poured out of me, raw, unbridled and unedited. When I was done, I presented Justin with a story that required corralling into order. He helped me do that beautifully. By asking all the right questions and with great insight, he gently directed me until I found what the true message of my book was. He helped me take it apart, remove the unnecessary chatter, and put it back together again. He taught me that my story was not really about me at all. In fact it was about my reader. That made all the difference. It turned my story into a book. I will forever be thankful to Justin for that direction and insight. I highly recommend working with Justin as he will enable the writer to make their work a true best-seller.” 
Leanne R. Wood

Author of The Power of Things Unseen

“Justin Spizman is the real deal. I am so happy with how he was able to bring my thoughts into actions and create a Best Selling book. His framework and knowledge are unprecedented, as well as easy to follow. Justin is a great coach and he kept the ball moving, even when it felt overwhelming.  His patience and persistence are what I needed to get the job done and grow into the author I dreamed of becoming.  If you are looking to move the needle in your life and become a published author, I highly recommend Justin to be your book coach and architect to be able to realize your dream.” 

Christopher Cumby

Author of The Success Playbook

“Justin walked me through every step of the writing process and helped me to reconstruct my book in a way that really resonates with a lot of people.  Without his guidance I would have been totally lost.  He helped me get to the heart of the matter and drew ideas and words out of me that I had no idea were even in there.  What a gift he is!” 

Jay Billig

#1 International Bestselling Author of Architect of Being

“Working with Justin is like having someone take a bunch of loose-leaf pages that have been scattered by the wind and reorganizing them in an effective and productive manner. He is smart and clever, a good coach and great communicator. My book would have never come together without his advice, guidance, and thoughtful support.” 

Paul DePalma

CEO of ADEPT Leadership

“Working with Justin was a pleasure.  My book is a culmination of my life’s work and I needed to partner with someone I trust and feel confidence in.  Justin was that guy!” 

John Crossman

Chairman of Crossman & Co. and Author of Career Killers/Career Builders

“My important story needed a lot of work and I was under a tight deadline. Justin knew exactly how to retain the most important elements of my story and breathe into it, amazing life! I am extremely pleased with his work.” 

Kevin D. Smith

Author and Lifecoach

“Justin Spizman has been a tremendous help to make my book be the best it could be. If you want your book to be truly professional, ready for publishing, Justin will do just that!” 

Luc Goulet

Author of The Big Bang Project: Creating Humanity's Best-Case Scenario

Writing a book has always been an impossible dream for me. But  Justin Spizman helped me to believe it was possible, and we made it happen through working together. He kept me focused and helped me to follow my instincts so that I could bring my message to life. With his incredible patience guiding me through the entire process, one step at the time, I was able to write a wonderful book.” 

Joanna Durkin

Author of Secret Gift: Lessons in Discovering Happiness in Your Career, Marriage, and Family Life

“Justin is a consummate editor and colleague. We worked together on my book The Diabetes LIFEMAP: Data-driven Diabetes Care for the 21st Century. Justin was highly responsive to my needs and is an excellent communicator. He provided me with a structured, measured approach to revamping my manuscript that culminated in a highly readable product. Justin found a way to balance the science with my “story” thereby spanning a range of readers from individuals with diabetes to sophisticated healthcare providers with expertise in diabetes. I highly recommend Justin to anyone in need of editing help because of his professionalism, expertise, attention to detail, and friendly attitude.”

Dr. David Bleich, Chief, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism

Author of The Diabetes LIFEMAP:<br /> Data-Driven Diabetes Care for the 21st Century<br />

Justin helped me write my first book, Modern Wealth Building Formula: How to Master Real Estate Investing.  It is now an International Bestseller and has helped to reshape my career and offer me some enormous opportunities. Together, we conceptualized the roadmap for the journey and then worked closely together to bring it to life.  It is representative of my life’s work, and I am extremely proud of what we created. He was patient, understanding and kept me motivated throughout the book writing process. It wasn’t always easy, but together we made it to the finish line. I am grateful for his guidance and know he was absolutely the right guy for the job.”

Ken Van Liew

Author of Modern Wealth Building Formula: How to Master Real Estate Investing

“The insights, creativity, and professionalism Justin Spizman brought to my book Split Harmony, truly made it a more impacting read than it ever would have been without his input.  Justin was easy to work with and I felt like we made a great team throughout the process. His vision, expertise, passion, and how much he cared about making my book the best it could be was clearly evident. ‘Book Architect’ is such an appropriate descriptive term for the value Justin has to offer anyone who needs to solidify their book project and to make it the best it can be. Saying ‘Thank you Justin’ merely begins to describe the gratitude I have for the difference Justin made for me and for Split Harmony.”

Peter Hobler

Author of Split Harmony: Turn the Ex-Factor from Chaos to Compassion

I loved working on my memoir with Justin. He was quick with his edits and suggestions, but still allowed me creative control. This was my first book and it was extremely overwhelming. Justin made the process much simpler and walked me through the entire process. If you’re looking for an editor for your next book, I definitely recommend Justin.”

Matt Mathews

Professional Photographer and Author of Uncovered: The Naked Truth of Life, Love and Addiction

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